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Baby Carrier Rental - General Information and FAQs

What carriers do you have for rent?

We offer a wide range of authentic, safety tested, ergonomic baby carriers for rent, together with their associated accessories. Click here for the full list of available carriers.

How do I rent a baby carrier from 13Thirteen?

Contact us to enquire about availability of your preferred carrier.
Once we confirm availability, you will be sent a confirmation link stating the carrier information, rental dates and duration, and cost.
You will then need to furnish your details and make payment to confirm your booking.*
Arrange to pick up your carrier or have it couriered to you.
Upon return of the baby carrier, 13Thirteen will inspect the carrier and strive to return the security deposit within 7 working days via bank transfer/ paynow should there be no issue with the carrier.

 * Note that rentals are strictly on a first come first served basis and your booking is not confirmed until payment is received.

What are my options for pick up and return?
(Pick up)
Option 1: Contact us to arrange an appointment to pick up at our showroom at TradeHub 21 or at a designated pick up location. Appointments for carrier pick ups are limited to 30mins. During this time, we can teach you how to use the carrier should you require assistance.

Option 2: Pay a courier fee of $8 for us to send the carrier to you. Online and whatsapp assistance for how to use the carrier will be provided.

Return to our showroom or at a designated drop off location. Should you require us to arrange a courier to collect the carrier from you, a flat rate of $10 will be deducted from the deposit.

How are rental days calculated?
The day of the carrier pick up is considered Day 1, and a one week rental will end on Day 7. For example, if you picked up the carrier on a Saturday (Day 1), the carrier is due to be returned by the following Saturday (Day 7). Do note that a late fee will be charged at a rate of $5/day should the carrier not be returned by the agreed upon date.

I am not sure which carrier to rent. Can you help?
You may contact us with your questions and we can suggest options for you to rent based on baby’s age and your requirements in selecting a carrier. Alternatively, we recommend that you book a fitting or consultation session to find out more about the different carrier options available to you before selecting a carrier for rent if you are unsure.