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Video Tutorials

How to use the Chimparoo in-built infant insert with a newborn. 


How to Breastfeed in your Soft Structured Carrier 

Always wanted to learn how to breastfeed baby on-the-go in your SSC? We share some useful tips in our video tutorial below. 



Flipped Waistband Method for LennyLamb Soft Structured Carrier

LennyLamb soft structured carriers will usually fit babies from 4-6 months, when they have good neck control and are tall enough to achieve a knee-to-knee position in the carrier. Should you feel that your child is ready to be in a LennyLamb carrier earlier than 4-6 months (but your child has yet to achieve a knee-to-knee position), LennyLamb recommends that you use the flipped waist band method as described in the video below.