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About Us

13Thirteen | Educate - Empower - Liberate
13Thirteen (pronounced "thirteen thirteen") is a consultancy, retail and distribution business specialising in Babywearing, based in Singapore. We are a dedicated team of experienced parents who aim to empower and equip modern mums and dads with the knowledge and tools you need to be confident parents on-the-go, through education and by offering a wide range of ergonomic baby carriers for rent and sale. We also design our own line of lightweight, functional and ergonomic diaper backpacks that conveniences and truly caters to your needs as modern parents.  
At 13Thirteen, we believe that skin-to-skin and babywearing are crucial in shaping the bond between parent and child. This is why we encourage skin-to-skin and Babywearing right from the very start. It is also the reason why we've brought in patented VIJA Design skin-to-skin garments to facilitate kangaroo care. Read more about the benefits of skin-to-skin here. 
To meet each parent's differing needs, lifestyles and budgets, we offer various types of baby carriers from a wide range of reputable brands. To us, there is no “best” carrier - it is about finding a baby carrier that suits YOU best.
We are the Exclusive Distributor of Chimparoo and Little Frog baby carriers. We are also an authorised retailer of LennyLamb, Natibaby, Emeibaby, Ankalia and Ergobaby.

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Rynette is our Founder and Managing Director. She is also one of the most experienced Certified Babywearing Consultants in the industry, having used a huge variety of baby carriers to carry all four of her children.  She is also a certified Lactation Counsellor and has been breastfeeding her children for almost 7 years straight! Rynette has a background in Communications and Psychology, and enjoys sharing about babywearing in relation to a child's development. 
Rynette offers customised private and group consultations, group workshops and seminar talks to equip you with the knowledge and skills to be confident (and liberated!) parents. Contact us to arrange an appointment or to invite her to speak at your event!


  • (2020) Certified Lactation Counsellor, LC (CBI)

  • (2018) Babywearing Certification Course under Die Trageschule Dresden, Germany

  • (2017) Advanced Babywearing Course under Die Trageschule Dresden, Germany

  • (2017) Basic Babywearing Course under Die Trageschule Dresden, Germany


Conny is a mum of two and our self-confessed wrappaholic graphic designer. She is the creative mind behind all things marketing and is also a talented photographer! In her free time, she enjoys sewing - you can even purchase some of her best work from us!  

Shi Jie

Shi Jie is our resident babywearing dance and yoga instructor and recently promoted mum of two! She has been dancing for 23 years, and used to teach baby ballet. Shi Jie combines her newfound love for babywearing with her talent and passion for dance through babywearing dance and yoga. Contact us to invite her to your parenting event!


Jenny is our fabulous mum of two that works behind the scenes. She's all about convenience and practicality, so buckled carriers are her thing! You can often find her out and about... always with baby in tow! 



Sarah is our amazing multitasking mother of three! She's a talented graphic designer and also manages our socials. We're not sure how she does it... especially when she takes care of three kids on her own!