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Prenatal & Parenting Workshop - WoW


Expecting a baby?

Prepare yourself for baby's transition from your Womb out to the World, with our WoW prenatal and parenting workshop!

Parents to four children aged three to nine, Jeremy and Rynette share about what to expect during labour and birth, breastfeeding and managing a newborn in Singapore in this casual and fun workshop. It’s going to be real and raw so come prepared to have engaging conversations and be ready to learn everything you need to know to bring baby from Womb out to the World! 

Topics that we cover:

Birth and Labour
  • Understanding birth
  • What to expect during labour
  • How to cope with pain at home and in the hospital 
  • Partner's role during birth and labour 
Feeding Baby
  • Breastfeeding basics
  • Tips for breastfeeding success
  • Supplementation and when it is necessary 
  • Partner's role in the breastfeeding journey 
Baby Care
  • Decoding baby's cries and how to soothe them
  • How to bathe baby
  • How to swaddle baby and change diaper
Postpartum Care
  • Healing
  • Confinement myths
  • Support and communication

Cost: $399/couple


  • Workshop session for 2 pax, with lunch
  • WoW goodie bag (Shan's lactation bakes tailored to be pregnancy friendly, Dinky Shop Oldam baby wipes and baby detergent, Nino Nana diapers, Mustela newborn care set, Bheue samples, and coconut water by Cocoloco)
  • Exclusive discounts up to 15% off baby carriers and breastfeeding essentials
  • Exclusive discounts for lactation and babywearing consultations
  • WhatsApp support after session
  • Access to a repository of information and videos
  • A fun and engaging time!

About the Trainers

Rynette has a diploma in Childbirth Education and is also a Lactation Counsellor and Babywearing Consultant. As the main trainer for the workshop, she combines her expert knowledge and experiences to offer couples a comprehensive overview of birth and beyond. As every pregnancy and birth is different, Rynette believes in educating parents on the process of birthing in Singapore, so they are empowered to make informed decisions when the time arises. She also hopes to equip parents and caregivers with the necessary knowledge and skills to help them ease baby’s transition from the Womb out to the World. Rynette had drug-free natural births for all four children and hopes to encourage other mothers who desire to have a drug-free natural birth to do the same. As a Lactation Counsellor, she also understands the worries and concerns expectant mothers have with breastfeeding, and is passionate about helping mothers get off to a good start on their breastfeeding journey. 

Jeremy is a hands-on father and supportive husband. He believes that husbands can do more to play an active role in the birth and labour process to better support their wives during pregnancy and postpartum. Having graduated from the course “Husband-Coached” Childbirth, he empowers fellow dads to play the role of a doula (or birth support) to coach and encourage their wives through labour pains and breastfeeding struggles. Jeremy brings the partner’s perspective for what to expect during the birth and labour process, both administratively and emotionally. He is currently in the midst of getting his diploma in Childbirth Education, so he can reach out to more like-minded dads and create a positive impact amongst fathers! 

Together, Rynette and Jeremy work seamlessly together to educate and empower parents, and to equip them for the journey ahead! 

(Guest Trainer)

Sarah is an experienced mother of four, and is currently training to be a Lactation Counsellor. With her vast experience in breastfeeding and parenting, she is well equipped to teach parents how to handle a newborn. Sarah had all four children via cesarean sections, and brings a different perspective to the class, when sharing about birth via c-sections and how to manage the recovery process. Sarah occasionally drops in to share her experiences, when she’s not too busy with her children or training to win marathons. Be in for a treat when she comes by!  

Contact us for more information on class dates and availability.

 Upcoming class dates:

  • Click here to book 17 August 2024 workshop
  • Click here to book 14 September 2024 workshop
  • Click here to book 26 October 2024 workshop
  • Click here to book 16 November 2024 workshop


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