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Consultations, Rental & Trying our Carriers

At 13Thirteen, we Educate, Empower & Liberate

Educate - We teach parents how to babywear safely and correctly, with an emphasis on child psychology and attachment theory

Empower - We equip parents with the practical skills to enable them to handle and babywear their infant/child with confidence

Liberate - We offer a range of baby carriers for rent and sale, to equip parents with the tools they need to be on-the-go! 

Babywearing Consultations & Workshops  

Our in-house Babywearing Consultant, Rynette, provides Babywearing consultations to individuals and groups. An experienced babywearing mother of 4, she provides expert advice and empowers parents on their babywearing journey.

Rynette also speaks at events and seminars. With a background in Psychology and Communications, she tailors consultation sessions and seminar topics to your needs and learning requirements.

Baby Carrier Rental 
Parents looking to rent a carrier for a holiday or to try one of our carriers for a longer period of time can now do so with us! 13Thirteen provides a rental service for selected items. Head over to 13Thirteen Rentals to find out more! Plus get a $10 rebate when you purchase a carrier from us after renting! 

Try our Range of Baby Carriers 

For parents who wish to try our carriers before purchase, we offer a fitting service at our Showroom in TradeHub 21. House calls islandwide are also available upon request (additional transport charges apply). Contact us to schedule an appointment!  

Did you know? 

13Thirteen provides a 1 x free 30min consultation* for all baby carrier purchases, within 3 months** of purchase or from baby's date of birth (whichever later). We also offer unlimited online assistance for parents who have bought their carriers from us. Contact us to arrange a follow up consultation after purchase. 

*Transport charges apply for house calls.