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4-12M (Basic & Portable)

Recommended for you: Carry baby in a ring sling or lightweight mesh carrier! 

Ring slings are compact and quick to put on. A two-coloured ring sling such as LennyLamb's basic line ring sling or a striped rainbow coloured ring sling from Little Frog are great for beginners, as the coloured bands help to indicate where to adjust.

The Chimparoo Air-O Ring Sling is particularly compact and extremely lightweight, despite being able to take up to 30kg in weight! This carrier is excellent for parents who want to pack light. 

If you prefer a buckled carrier, the Chimparoo Trek Air-O Woven is a great choice - use it right from birth with the in-built insert, or together with the evolutive belt for greater convenience! It is also much lighter than other full buckled carriers in the market due to the lightweight yet sturdy mesh panel. 

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