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From Necessity to Fashion Statement

By Rynette Tan 
Managing Director & Babywearing Consultant, 13Thirteen


How to look good while babywearing - Cordelia’s Style File

Babywearing brings about a host of benefits for both parent and child. It allows parents the convenience of being hands-free and out and about with baby. Babywearing also helps parents build a secure attachment and bond with their children, and allows them to soothe a cranky or clingy baby without tiring out their arms and shoulders. For many parents, babywearing is a necessity.

While some mothers lament at the change in wardrobe that motherhood may bring due to breastfeeding and babywearing, others embrace babywearing fashion. With the wide variety of stylish and safe baby carriers in the market, it is easy to pick one that both meets your needs and matches your style.

Model and fashion icon, Cordelia (@c0rde), is a newly minted mother of one, and she shows us how to babywear fashionably. Take a look at her style file to see how she matches the carriers from 13Thirteen to her outfits from Jump Eat Cry to represent her style for each occasion.


For times when mummy needs to get things done!

Cordelia pairs a simple and understated smart casual nursing jumpsuit in grey with a lightweight mesh carrier - the ultimate combination of comfort and functionality!

Smart Casual Nursing Jumpsuit in Grey 
 Breastfeeding friendly
 Comes with pockets
 Soft and comfortable
 Suitable for running errands

Chimparoo Trek Air-O-Woven
 Easy to use
 Breathable and airy 
 Simple and practical
 Ergonomic and safe for baby 


Sunday Casual
For a relaxed day out with baby, just to chill! 

Cordelia pairs flowy colour block dress with a pastel coloured full wrap conversion carrier for a sweet and casual vibe!

Evie Curved Overlay Nursing Dress in Yellow 
 Breastfeeding friendly
 Comfortable and chic
 Elegantly simple

Little Frog Aurora Cube
 Soft and cushy
 Supportive and ergonomic
 Easy to use
 Gorgeous pastel colour for that weekend vibe


To the beach
For a trip to the beach to have some fun in the sun! 

Cordelia pairs a cute off shoulder nursing dress with an airy and waterproof ring sling for a breezy good time!

Valerie Embroidered Off Shoulder Nursing Dress 
 Fun and casual
 Breastfeeding friendly
 Simple and sweet

Chimparoo Air-O Ring Sling in Teal
 Airy and Lightweight
 Easy to bring around


Night Out
Dinner date with the third wheel? No problem! 

Cordelia pairs a chic nursing jumpsuit with a gorgeous rainbow half buckle carrier for a bold, classy look that will turn heads!

 Patrice Two Shades Nursing Jumpsuit
 Stylish and chic
 Classy and elegant
 Breastfeeding friendly

LennyLamb LennyHybrid Lovka Rainbow Dark 
oft and comfortable
 Supportive and ergonomic
 Bold, beauitiful design

Interested to find a carrier that fits your unique style? Drop us a message to find out more about our range of carriers!

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