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Flange Size Discovery Kit


Flange Size Discovery Kit

SGD $19.80

Unlock comfort and confidence in your breastfeeding journey!

It may come as a surprise that despite the standard flange size of 24mm offered by most breast pump manufacturers, the reality is that a majority of breastfeeding mamas often find the need to downsize for optimal comfort.

This is where the Flange Size Discovery Kit steps in!

Size what?: This kit empowers you to discover your precise size. Our nipple measurement ruler ensures you get it right from the start.

Budget-Friendly Fix: Purchasing individual flanges can be expensive. This kit offers an affordable alternative, allowing you to discover your ideal fit without breaking the bank!

Get Pumpin'!: A well-fitted flange not only prevents discomfort but also boosts your confidence - no fear, no tear!

Don't let ill-fitting flanges hold you back. Discover your perfect fit with our kit today ;) Food-grade BPA free silicone.

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