Our Story

Having children was not going to slow us down. We believed that going anywhere, anytime was made possible with a baby carrier and a good diaper bag. With two children under two, we needed a bigger bag that could contain all the essentials. We tried a number of brands in the market and settled for a popular bag. However, within a couple of months it gave way. We then bought another bag, but it was too heavy. So we bought yet another bag, but it was too uncomfortable and didn’t sit well on our shoulders
We even looked beyond Singapore and ordered well reviewed bags from across the globe – but those too let us down. Seven bags and a whole lot of money spent later, we gave up the search for the “perfect” bag and decided to design our own. A bag designed by practical, modern parents for fellow parents who just want it simple and sleek. A bag that truly meets your needs, OUR needs, at an affordable price.
When our first prototype was out, we showed our friends and family and response and support for our hard work was overwhelming. Generation 1 was exactly what we needed at the time – a bag big enough to contain everything for two young children, ergonomic, lightweight and most importantly – functional. After finding a design that worked well – we started exploring different colours and materials and have since released 3 collections.
The journey has certainly been a challenging one, and just like parenting, we know our hard work will always pay off. Four years on, we have got to where we are today. With each bag, we have always sought to improve and refine – always asking ourselves, how can we make this better?

.I Love this bag! I am thankful that I found someone who answers my needs! When Rynette proudly presents her bag, I was so amazed by it! This is useful for travel and hubby definitely wouldn't mind carrying it 


The design of this bag focuses on making life easy for parents. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed, has a large main compartment with a clamshell opening and diaper compartment at the top of the bag for an easy reach during diaper changes


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